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Detailed etching process before etching machine

      Metal corrosion pretreatment processes mainly include: photo-sensitive etching, screen printing, and self-adhesive. Each process has its own advantages and disadvantages. The etching processing manufacturer can select the corresponding process according to the actual requirements of its own products. Below we will specifically explain the difference between these three processes:
    ①Photosensitive etching: As the name suggests, photosensitive etching uses the pre-treatment method of exposure and development. The process flow: coating/painting→bakingexposuredevelopmentetching→filmingfinished product; photo-sensitive etching process is suitable for high precision requirements, such as : stainless steel filter etched sheet, screen, lighting, dial etching, metal crafts double-sided hollowing, etc., and traditional screen printing and stickers, it is difficult to achieve this requirement, and photo-etching pre-treatment film film Can be designed by itself, low cost and reusable;
Screen printing: Screen printing is widely used in stainless steel decorative panels, elevator panels, advertising signage industry, suitable for a pattern to do a batch of products, process: silk screen → dry / baked dry → etching → whitening → peeling → Washing and drying → laminating → finished product; screen printing etching process is relatively simple, the etching pattern is relatively simple, the precision is not high, and the cost is the lowest;
Sticker: widely used in the signage advertising industry. The biggest feature of sticker is to facilitate the later coloring (painting), the self-adhesive pattern can be output on the computer itself; the process: sticking adhesive → etching → cleaning →Drying→painting and coloring→high temperature baking→torn off the self-adhesive→finished product;

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