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Large-scale Vacuum Etching machine

The feed width of the vacuum etching machine: 1600mm, effective etching area: 6000mm, mainly used for etching the surface of the door mold. Due to the water flow effect, the side corrosion phenomenon will be more obvious. The additional design of the vacuum system greatly improves the etching accuracy.

Equipment name: Stainless steel embossed plate vacuum etching machine

Device model: XHL-6M13400

Dimensions: 13400 * 4250 * 1550mm

Equipment use: used for surface etching of large stainless steel embossed plate

Feeding width: 1600mm

Etching area: 6000mm

Etching pump: 5.5KW * 12 sets

Vacuum pump: 7.5KW * 6 sets

Total power: 136KW

Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 50HZ

Large-scale Vacuum Etching machine

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