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Pre-treatment equipment

 Pre-treatment machines related to the etching process includes: coating machine, oven /tunnel furnace, exposure machine, developing machine, stripping machine, etc. According to requirements of the products , we can choose process equipment with different specifications.  We Xinhengli specializes in the producing all kinds of horizontal lines and auxiliary equipment.


       Widely used in product baking and drying, such as etching processing industry, electroplating industry, electronics industry, alloy jewelry industry, food and plastic industry, leather industry, hardware and other production industries. Photoetching process flow: coating → oven → exposure → development → etching → removal film → finished product

Machine description:

        Equipment outer diameter: 11700 * 1050 * 1250mm;

        Transmission mode: chain and metallurgy transmission;

        Workpiece size; minimum workpiece 80mm, maximum workpiece 550mm, and automatic drying on both sides

        Liner material: 1.2mm stainless steel plate;

        Outer box material: 1.5mm cold rolled steel plate surface painting;

        Power: 21.5KW

 Pre-treatment equipment

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