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Three high-precision etching machines are shipped to Guangzh

Etching machine delivery notice, the three equipments shipped this time are: 1 meter double-sided developing machine, one meter five double-sided sign etching machine, 800mm diameter turntable etching machine. Foshan Xin Hengli Hardware Machinery Factory focuses on the whole set of corrosion equipment: coating machine, exposure machine, oven, etching machine, developing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. Welcome customers to come to the factory to discuss cooperation.
The customer who purchased the equipment was an old customer three years ago. The customer used a 1-meter double-sided etching machine, which was mainly used for corrosion processing of metal products such as signs, billboards, thin-walled hollows, watch cases and so on. During the three years of using our factory etching machine, the equipment was running normally, there was no such thing as equipment damage, replacement parts, etc., because of the need to expand the business due to the increase in business volume, so I purchased three under the premise of an original etching machine. Equipment. The ordering date is August 20th, and the ordering equipment is 1m double-sided developing machine, one-meter and five-sided double-sided label etching machine, and 800mm diameter rotary table etching machine. Let's take a closer look at the three latest high-performance devices.

Three high-precision etching machines are shipped to Guangzh
Three high-precision etching machines are shipped to Guangzh

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