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What Is an Embossed Nameplate?

The embossing process uses pressure and force to raise the text or visual on a piece of metal. The metal of your choosing is sandwiched between two die cuts referred to as the female and male dies and is then squeezed and pressurized together. The end result is a raised text, similar to that on a credit card, that stands out and is readable in all environments and conditions.

The equipment is a large-scale embossing roller spheronizing machine designed and developed by our factory. It can corrode the embossing roller with the largest diameter of 400mm and the maximum length of 2700mm. The equipment design bears 2000KG, and the high-pressure spray replaces the traditional immersion process, which greatly improves the equipment. Corrosion depth and reduced defect rate! The equipment adopts titanium alloy heating pipe, titanium alloy water cooling pipe, temperature display automatic heating system, frequency conversion speed regulation, full pressure filter, clean operating environment, swing high pressure spray and large flow nozzle to achieve product quality, efficiency and stability. 

What Is an Embossed Nameplate?

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