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Signages Nameplates Etching Machine

The metal etching machine is widely used, mainly used for single-sided etching such as the nameplatemechanical signage.

Because the equipment is easy to operate, stable in performance, and reasonable price, it is deeply trusted and praised by customers in the advertising sign industry.

Equipment Name: Signage nameplate Etching Machine

 Equipment material: 12-20mm thick PP sheet

 Dimensions: 3970 * 1980 * 1600mm

 Feeding width: 800mm

 Etching area: 1650mm

 Cleaning area: 600mm

 Body seal: internal and external double-layer toughened glass seal

 Etching pump: 4KW

 Cleaning pump: 2.2KW

 Machine power: 9.7KW

 Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 50HZ

Signages Nameplates Etching Machine

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