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The application of ething machine for various industrial pro

The application of ething machine for various industrial productions

1. Photoelectric metal parts: photoelectric encoder metal code disc, grating film, grid for VFD, insect-proof net for photoelectric smoke sensor, filter for electric tool;

2. Components of communication products: mobile phone shell, mobile phone metal button sheet, mobile phone decoration sheet, mobile phone shading sheet, mobile phone receiver net, mobile phone dust-proof net, mobile phone panel;

3. Hardware accessories for home appliances: speaker nets, audio nets, juice machine nets, soy milk machine nets, juicer nets, teapot nets, filters, coffee pot filters, razor nets, precision electronic hardware parts;

4. Kitchenware accessories: honeycomb non-stick pan, shavings, knives, pots, plates, decorative patterns on the surface of the plate

5. Etched metal crafts: metal bookmarks, panels, metal business cards, signs, aluminum signs, corrosion plates, nameplates;

5. Computer peripheral products: printer antistatic belt hardware accessories, copier charging net, grid net;

6. Precision etching products: electro-etched films, watch internals, BGA tin planting fixtures for repairing mobile phone chips, hardware accessories for flexible circuit boards, IC lead frames, metal glasses frames, vapor deposition covers, vapor deposition mask metal sheets, etc. .

7. Decorations: stainless steel corrosion film, toy electric erosion film, lighting film, (copper, stainless steel) crafts, copper signs, copper buckles, etc. These products have beautiful appearance, good finish and precise processing.

8. Decorative parts of auto parts: welcome pedal, engine protection board, parts identification, etc.

9. Stainless steel decorative products: door molds, elevator decorative panels, stainless steel decorative panels, etc.

Our company is a enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, sales, and research and development of metal etching

 machines and supporting process equipment. It is located in the famous stainless steel base of Foshan City, close to 

Guangzhou, and has convenient transportation. 

The application of ething machine for various industrial proThe application of ething machine for various industrial proThe application of ething machine for various industrial pro

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