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Stainless steel hollow-out etching machine

This production line is mainly used for double-sided hollow etching products such as stainless steel filters, files, flakes, car speaker mesh, craft ornaments, etc. It has high etching accuracy and stable performance, and is suitable for continuous production in large quantities.


      The metal etching machine has a wide range of uses, mainly single / double-sided flat metal surface etching, and is widely used in the signage industry. Various metal surface text patterns and hardware accessories are double-sided etching and hollowing. It is also an advanced etching machine in the current etching industry. One, because the equipment quality is quite stable and the price is low to get started quickly, is widely praised by new and old customers.

Machine description:

     Machine model: XHL-SM22240QX;

     Dimensions: 22240 * 2225 * 1840mm;

     Etching area: 700 * 2400mm * 7;

     Cleaning area: 700 * 2000mm;

     Spray pressure: 3.5kg;

     Etching pump: 5.5KW * 14 sets;

     Cleaning pump: 2.2KW * 3 sets;

     Transmission structure: double transmission, no gap transmission;

     Heating tube: 3KW titanium alloy heating tube * 7;

     Water cooling tube: titanium alloy water cooling tube;

     Spray plate structure: 20mm thick PP plate carving

     Spraying method: swinging spraying with independent quick release spray plate

     Pressure regulation: in charge of pressure regulation;

     Temperature control system: temperature display automatic heating system;

     Filtration system: full pressure filter;

     Control system: PLC touch screen control;

     Power: 120KW;

     Power supply: 380V / 50HZ;

     Potion automatic addition system: 1 set

Stainless steel hollow-out etching machine

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