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PCB Precision Vacuum Acid Etching Machine


       The surface of the copper clad laminate is chemically etched to remove unnecessary copper conductors to form a circuit pattern.

      Process flow: input → etching → concentrated water washing → cascade water washing → DI water washing → output

    Machine description:

     Machine model: XHL-6M6024;

     Dimensions: 6024 * 2227 * 2700mm;

     Conveyor wheel: Φ32mm rubber covered wheel;

     Wheelbase: 25mm;

     Conveying surface width: 760mm;

     Through board capacity: 0.05 ~ 2.8mm (board thickness);

     Transmission speed: 0.5 ~ 5m / min (frequency adjustable);

     Etching pump: 7.5HP * 2 sets;

     Vacuum pump: 7.5HP * 2 sets;

     Circulation pump: 3HP * 1

     Cleaning pump: 1HP * 3

     Heating tube: 4KW titanium alloy heating tube * 2;

     Water cooling tube: 25 meters of titanium alloy water cooling tube;

     Filtration system: full pressure filter;

     Power: 36KW;

     Power supply: 380V / 50HZ;


      Compared with the traditional PCB etching machine, the acid vacuum etching machine is suitable for fine line etching requirements. The use of a vacuum etching machine makes the line pattern with line width / line spacing ≤30 / 30um easier to realize. Foshan Nanhai District Xinhengli Hardware Machinery Factory specializes in the production of etching equipment for more than 20 years and has mature experience. Welcome to visit the factory for business!

PCB Precision Vacuum Acid Etching Machine

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