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A brief history of the development of metal chemical etching

 In recent decades, chemical etching machines have used chemical etching as a highly sophisticated and scientific chemical etching technology, which is widely used in metal materials to etch various types of graphic and contour processing. Especially in the aerospace and aviation industries, products produced using chemical etching technology can be seen everywhere in life. However, as a chemical thinning and cutting technology, its history can be traced back to a long time. The technique of chemical etching has not been recorded very early in China. The main reason is the lack of attention to science and technology in ancient China. In other Western countries, the application of chemical etching technology has long been recorded. The earliest record was that the West used to discuss the use of NaOH and AL2(SO4)3 in the 1st century BC, which is certainly exaggerated. It is meaningful to have two conditions for the application and development of metal corrosion. One is the popularization of metals, and the other is the matching of metal etching solutions. The discovery and application of metals has a longer history. In this respect, China is longer than other countries. It is mainly derived from the ancient alchemists. The earliest discovered copper and alloy materials, and then the discovery of iron. . Aluminum has only been discovered in recent centuries, and it has been refined to be used in life. Therefore, it is unfounded in the West to discuss the use of NaOH and AL2(SO4)3 in the 1st century BC.

Metal corrosion is mainly caused by the development of three aspects: 1. The discovery of metal and the development of smelting technology; 2. The matching of metal etching solution.
Corrosion is very common in current life, but in ancient times this was not possible because the era was made up of wood, stone, and earth. Until the ancients mastered the metal refining technology to separate the metal from the attached material, the metal was obtained. With the discovery of metal, people began to find ways to use it. The application here involves corrosion, but many liquids cannot be processed on metal surfaces very quickly. This requires substances that can corrode with metals. acid. The earliest acids were found in organic acids such as lactic acid proposed from acid resistance, citric acid and acetic acid proposed from lemons, and the strongest of these acids. It is difficult to completely and effectively cure the metal by these organic acids alone. Later, when the inorganic acid is discovered, the metal chemical etching process is applied for development. Therefore, the chemical etching of metals should be followed by the letter of inorganic acid, which is also related to the discovery of anti-etching materials. In Europe, chemical corrosion processing became popular in the 15th century, when it was mainly used for the corrosion processing of armor and crafts. The reconstituted etching solution is formulated with salt, activated carbon and acetic acid. The protection is mainly used with linseed oil coating and paraffin as anti-etching material to realize protective layer image transfer.

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