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Pcb circuit board equipment manufacturer, Guangdong circuit

Foshan Xinhengli Hardware Machinery Factory focuses on the production of PCB circuit board equipment. Our factory can produce a full set of circuit board etching equipment and provide technical support. It has 15 years of equipment production experience and circuit board production clinical technology, and has reached many domestic and foreign manufacturers. Long-term strategic partner.
PCB board introduction:
The PCB circuit board is a printed circuit board, also known as a printed circuit board. It is mainly used for the motherboard of electronic products. It is the carrier of the whole product. All the electronic components are carried on the circuit board. As the name implies, the circuit board is composed of a plurality of lines connected and distributed on one board. According to the usability, we can know that the substrate is non-conductive, and the main body of the line is electrically conductive, so that a circuit can be formed, and the conventional circuit boards are all It is made of copper clad plate etching.
PCB circuit board equipment introduction:
Through the above understanding of the circuit board, it can be seen that the circuit is etched to remove part of the copper material, so that the copper remaining on the board forms a line and is finally finished. The removal of unwanted copper material is done using a professional PCB board device, the etching machine. The etching machine used here is much more accurate than the conventional metal etching machine because the conventional etching machine has lower requirements for tolerance and side corrosion, and the PCB circuit board is different. The requirement of fine line is very high, because the line width and thin line applied to the circuit will affect the size of the resistor, so only the high-precision etching machine can be used to control the yield of the PCB circuit board. It is welded with the most corrosion-resistant plastic PVC, which minimizes side corrosion. The built-in pressure regulation makes the force of each substrate consistent. The constant temperature control system makes the actual production process more stable.
PCB circuit board equipment precision etching machine physical picture:

Pcb circuit board equipment manufacturer, Guangdong circuit

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