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How much is the metal sign etching machine? What is the pric

  Foshan Xinhengli Hardware Machinery Factory specializes in the production of metal signage corrosion equipment, including etching machine, corrosion machine and supporting exposure and development equipment. It provides free full etching technology support and is the best partner of the majority of sign etching processing plants. Today, we mainly introduce the price of the under-brand etch machine. Why are the prices of different manufacturers different? What is the reason for the price difference? Before we introduce the price, we will briefly understand the structure of the under-etching machine.

  The core principle of the sign etching machine:

  The sign etching machine is a kind of equipment for marking corrosion processing. The principle is that the prepared chemical solution is sprayed onto the workpiece through the mist spray system of the etching machine to make the workpiece thinner. Therefore, the core function of the sign etching machine is high pressure spraying, and secondly, the liquid medicine after spraying can be recycled in the whole equipment. This is the most basic function of an etching machine.

  The manifestation of the price difference of the sign etching machine:

 1. Constant temperature control: In order to achieve long-lasting use of an etching machine in normal production without affecting product quality, it is not enough to rely on the most basic circulating high-pressure spray, because the sign etching machine uses kinetic energy during work. It has been transformed into heat energy. Everyone knows that chemical reactions have requirements for temperature. Therefore, the temperature rises continuously and has a great influence on our corrosion processing. Therefore, the inside of the equipment is equipped with a constant temperature control system;


 2, swing spray: On the other hand, if the sign we make is a large area of corrosion, our sign etching machine also needs to be equipped with a swing function, so that the spray device can swing back and forth in the mist spray, not to It is always sprayed at the same position. If the entire position of the workpiece is sprayed too concentrated, the depth will be different, which will affect the quality of the product.

   3, three-layer filtration: the filtration system is an indispensable part of the sign etching machine, because the syrup used in the sign etching machine is a solid solution, more or less there is a little solid residue, if there is no filtering device, the sign etching machine The spray system is easy to block, so the conventional etching machine will have a filtration system. The filtration system is divided into multi-layer filtration and basic filtration. The most sophisticated filtration system is equipped with a filtering device in the large water tank, small water tank and filter. The basic filtration will only filter the drainage on the large water tank, which is much worse than the three-layer filtration.

  4. Quick-disconnecting spout: The advantage of using the quick-disconnecting sprinkler is that the sprinklers on the sprinkler are installed on an integral sprinkler. If the sprinkler needs to be cleaned, we only need to disassemble the sprinkler as a whole. No need for a single disassembly cleaning installation, saving a lot of time.

 5. Body material: For the deep etching of hardware, PP plastic sheet is more resistant to high temperature, and it is not easy to age. The PP sheet itself is the most high temperature resistant engineering plastic, and the welding is difficult, resulting in a large amount of labor. Some manufacturers replace other materials in order to save material costs and labor costs.
The above functional configuration and material selection determine the price of the sign etching machine. The most basic and simple sign etching machine is about 15,000 yuan, and the price of the standard sign etching machine is about 22,000 yuan. Let's take a look at the simple etching machine and A physical picture of the sign etching machine.

Standard etching machine:How much is the metal sign etching machine? What is the pric
Simple etching machine:How much is the metal sign etching machine? What is the pric

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