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Metal sign corrosion machine manufacturers, Guangdong etchin

  Foshan Xinhengli Hardware Metal Corrosion Machine Factory specializes in the production of etching machine corrosion equipment, providing complete equipment and etching process technical support to solve any problem of no technology and no experience. We can produce metal sign corrosion machine and single-face exposure machine, oven, etc., which are the best partner for the majority of etching processing plants. The sign corrosion machine supplied by our factory for sign etching processing factory has been All over the country, with advanced and excellent equipment production technology and sophisticated etching technology.


  Our factory can design reasonable equipment and plant plan according to the type of your business. You don't need to find a manufacturer for each step, we can solve all your problems in one stop, including pre-treatment and post-processing. Equipment, materials, processes, etc. required for the process. Regardless of whether your pre-process is to choose stickers, photographic or silk screen for image transfer, we will customize the process for you according to your business type, providing you with the most cost-effective processing method.

 Sign corrosion machine picture physical map:
Metal sign corrosion machine manufacturers, Guangdong etchin

 The following is a brief introduction to the three processing techniques for metal sign etching:

  一、paste stickers for image transfer:

  Step: clean the substrate → stick the adhesive → peel off the word or texture → enter the sign corrosion machine etching → spray paint → tear the adhesive →


  二、Photographic image transfer:

  Step: Substrate cleaning → spraying → baking → exposure → development → etching → film removal → paint filling


  三、Screen printing image transfer:

  Step: Substrate cleaning → screen printing → etching → film removal → paint filling

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