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Maintenance techniques for etching machines for corrosive eq

The most critical factor in the maintenance of the etching machine is to ensure that the nozzle is clean and free of clogging. Blockage or slagging can impact the screen under jet pressure. If the nozzle is not clean, it will cause uneven etching and scrap the entire PCB.
Obviously, the maintenance of the etching machine is to replace the damaged parts and the wearing parts, including the replacement of the nozzles, and the nozzles also have the problem of wear. In addition, the more critical problem is to keep the corrosion machine free of slagging. In many cases, slagging accumulation will occur. Too much slag accumulation will even affect the chemical balance of the etching solution in the corrosion tank. Similarly, if there is an excessive chemical imbalance in the etchant, the slagging becomes more severe. The problem of slagging accumulation cannot be overemphasized. Once the etchant suddenly exhibits a large amount of slagging, it is usually a signal that there is a problem with the balance of the solution. This should be done with a strong hydrochloric acid for proper cleaning or supplementation of the solution.
The residual film can also produce slag, and a very small amount of residual film is dissolved in the etching solution, and then a copper salt precipitate is formed. The slagging formed by the residual film indicates that the previous film removal process is not complete. Poor film removal is often the result of a combination of edge film and overplating.

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