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Crafts puzzle etched sheet

Crafts puzzle etched sheet

Etching sheet name: crafts, hardware hollow parts

Uses: Handicraft abbreviation decorations, which are made of sheet metal, whose role is to decorate and decorate objects to create a beautiful living environment. Mainly used in lighting, models, house pendants and other fields. Metal crafts are produced using metal crafts etching machines.
Etching process: coating → drying → exposure → development → etching → peeling
Equipment required: (metal etching machine equipment)
1 Coater: It is used for coating the workpiece as the protective layer. The ink on the coating machine is the most advanced and mature technology of today's technology. It is characterized by uniformity, time saving, labor saving, high output and consumables.
2 oven: used to paint the ink to dry, prevent ink sag, deepen curing
3 Exposure machine: used for the local photosensitive ink on the light-solid workpiece to form image transfer. The UV-wavelength ultraviolet light is emitted by turning on the ultraviolet light to transfer the pattern on the film to the workpiece coated with the photosensitive ink.
4Developing machine: used for photosensitive process, after the exposure, the surface pattern of the product is revealed, and then enters the etching process, which can realize continuous production.
5 Etching machine: used to corrode the exposed metal part of the workpiece, and use an etching solution to remove some metal corrosion equipment by high pressure spraying.
6 ultrasonic cleaning machine: used to clean the excess ink after corrosion to get the finished product.
The above equipment is selected according to the actual output and the size of the workpiece. For questions about crafts or any etched film, please call our sales phone for details.

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