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Xin Hengli Corrosion Machine Manufacturer's latest productio

3 meter sign etching machine to be shipped! The 28-meter decorative board production line is waiting to be shipped! The 36-meter etch-off film production line is waiting to be shipped. Another 36-meter etch-off film line is in normal production! Refueling in August, the new stainless steel high-grade decorative sheet etching line upgrade... Combining PCB hardware etching machine with actual production needs and experience, combining the advantages of PVC and PP materials, this equipment upgrade target is to solve the depth of stainless steel sheet. Corrosion, the depth of the surface is inconsistent with the depth of the middle. Strive to solve this bottleneck in the industry! Come on!
Xin Hengli Corrosion Machine ManufacturerXin Hengli Corrosion Machine Manufacturer

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